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Thursday, June 21, 2012 8:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.
Metrolinx, Executive Boardroom
6th Floor, 20 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2W3

Media outlets and others requiring copies of the Board materials may contact Vanessa Thomas at (416) 869-3600 Ext. 5974.

closed SESSION

1 Contract and Transaction Approvals  

Public session
8:30 a.m.

2 Call to Order and Remarks by Chair Rob Prichard
3 CEO's Report Bruce McCuaig
4 GO Transit Report Gary McNeil
5 Customer Service Committee Chair’s Report Nick Mutton
6 PRESTO Report Steve Zucker
7 Toronto Transit Projects Bruce McCuaig
8 York Viva Project Status Report Mary Frances Turner / Jack Collins
9 Five Year Strategy 2012-2017 Leslie Woo
10 Draft 2011/12 Annual Report Robert Siddall
11 Draft 2012/13 Business Plan and Capital and Operating Plan Robert Siddall
12 Amendments to By-Laws No. 2 and 2A (PRESTO Implementation)
   Table of Fares
   Tariff of Fares
Mary Martin /
Robert Siddall

 BREAK: 15 minutes 

Closed Session

13 CEO’s Report (Closed Session) Bruce McCuaig
14 Approval of Minutes Mary Martin
15 Appointment of Officers Mary Martin
16 Corporate Communications Strategies Judy Pfeifer
17 The Big Move Update Leslie Woo
18 GO Service Update Leslie Woo
19 Crosstown Update Jack Collins
20 Quarterly Reports:
(a) Air Rail Link
(c) GO Transit
(d) Policy, Planning and Innovation
(e) Strategic Communications
(f) Rapid Transit Implementation
(g) Investment Strategy

Kathy Haley
Steve Zucker
Gary McNeil
Leslie Woo
Judy Pfeifer
Jack Collins
John Howe
21 Board Standing Committee Updates  
22 Agenda Proposals for Next Meeting Bruce McCuaig / Rob Prichard
23 Other Business Rob Prichard
24 Adjournment Rob Prichard

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