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Third Party - Capital Infrastructure Coordination

Third Party - Capital Infrastructure Coordination (TP-CIC)

If you are planning to undertake construction within or near a Metrolinx-owned GO Transit railway, there are policies and procedures you must follow to maintain safe working conditions at all times. All proponents are requested to register their proposed projects in advance by completing and submitting a Third party project application form to

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Contact Metrolinx to obtain a permit if the proposed work is within a third party projects review zone (30 feet from Metrolinx live railway tracks).

If the work is performed outside of 30 feet but it involves the use of an elevating device (crane, boom truck, Genie Lift), or deep excavation that could impact the railway's Zone of Influence and/or temporary road condition that could influence the regular flow of traffic over a grade separation with the gate warning or signaling system.

The following conditions must be satisfied to receive a Metrolinx Work Permit:

  • Metrolinx or the authorized Technical Advisor (TA) has examined and approved the proposed design and work plan.
  • All personnel on site must have completed Metrolinx Personal Track Safety training.
  • A qualified Metrolinx railway flag person is assigned to protect train operations.
  • Valid railway utility locates are obtained, including Metrolinx, CN, CP and Ontario One call prior to any excavation.
  • Proof of applicable insurance and WSIB is provided to Metrolinx.
  • PPE requirements must be met while working on the Metrolinx corridor (Metrolinx PPE Standard)

Find out more about Metrolinx's requirements for building near Metrolinx's rail corridors and Priority Transit Projects.

Figure 1 below provides a high-level Third-Party Capital Infrastructure Coordination process.

Process Flow Chart

Third party projects review flow chart

Figure 1: Third-Party Capital Infrastructure Coordination process