Community Benefits and Supports

Community Benefits & Supports

Leaving communities better than we found them.

Our Commitment

Metrolinx is committed to delivering more than just transit and pledges to leave your community better than we found it.  Through implementing our Community Benefits & Supports Program, we will actively participate in and support local communities, improve public spaces and provide connections to job opportunities.

As a good neighbour, we will bring communities into the conversation and promise to keep people informed, as we know that construction and building for the future can be disruptive.

Transit itself is a major catalyst for community development and growth. Beyond transit, our infrastructure projects will support communities and residents. Cooperation, collaboration and active involvement from all partners will lead to strong economic and social benefits for employers, businesses and the neighbourhoods we serve.

"The communities we serve are at the heart of everything we do and why being a good neighbour is so important. Metrolinx is currently undertaking the largest transit transformation in North America, building the infrastructure that will better connect our communities to each other, to services, to resources and to jobs. We are building for the future. We know that this construction can be disruptive and we are bringing communities into the conversation, being clear about impacts and keeping people informed. We are also working to bring more benefits to communities, including employment, apprenticeship opportunities and support for local businesses. Through the Community Benefits and Supports Program, Metrolinx is engaging with communities, exploring ways we can give back, improving public spaces and creating a lasting impact together."
- Phil Verster, President and CEO

Metrolinx Community Benefits & Supports Program

4-Pillar Community Benefits & Support Program
Four-Pillar Program

Metrolinx Community Benefits & Supports will be implemented across our transit projects region-wide and delivered in a consistent way to mitigate impacts on local communities and businesses.

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History of Community Benefits & Supports

A group shot Interns on the Finch West LRT

Giving Back: Metrolinx Community Benefits and Supports Program

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