Aerial shot of Hamilton skyline and cityscape

Hamilton LRT

14 kilometres of modern light rail transit running between McMaster University and Eastgate Square.

Hamilton: A vibrant, booming city where more Canadians are choosing to live, work and play than ever before. Rich in history, culture, sports, an exciting restaurant scene and so much more, the city’s future looks bright. 

The Hamilton LRT project will play a key role in the revitalization of Hamilton’s urban environment by transforming how residents travel across the heart of the city. Modern light rail service will connect key areas, destinations and institutions along Main Street, King Street and Queenston Road, creating a 14 kilometre multi-modal corridor and an enhanced streetscape.

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14 kilometres
17 stops
All new utilities

More than just transit

Hamilton LRT isn't just a transit project. The project scope will include a complete revitalization of both private and public utilities along the transit route, including water, gas, and telecommunications lines. Together, the introduction of a modern LRT system and utility infrastructure improvements carried out by the Hamilton LRT project will set the stage for sustainable growth and city-building for decades to come. 

Infrastructure improvements will span the entire project corridor, and include:

  • Replaced sewers
  • All new watermains
  • Brand new gas mains
  • New hydro lines
  • New telecommunications lines
  • Restored sidewalks and roads
Rendering of final state Hamilton LRT in International Village

Rendering – International Village

In the news

New video shows how Metrolinx is building the Hamilton LRT.

Talking about construction is one thing - but seeing it is a whole other story. In a newly released video, Metrolinx shows how the different phases of construction will work when shovels hit the ground for the Hamilton LRT. [Read More]

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