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June 29, 2010 1:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Executive Boardroom
20 Bay Street, 6th Floor Toronto, Ontario M5J 2W3


1 Call to Order and Remarks by Chair Rob MacIsaac
2 CEO’s Report (Public Session)
Memo re: Extending the Sheppard LRT to University of Toronto Scarborough Campus on Morningside Avenue
Rob Prichard
3 Managing Director’s Report (Public Session) Gary McNeil
4 Benefits Case Analysis
   (a) GO Stouffville Corridor
   (b) Durham Highway 2 Corridor
   (c) Halton-Peel Dundas Corridor
   (d) Peel Hurontario-Main Corridor
BCA Presentation
John Howe
5 2009-2010 Financial Statements†
Management Discussion & Analysis (MD&A)
Robert Siddall
6 2009-2010 Annual Report† Rob Prichard
7 Vision, Mission and Values Statement Rob Prichard
8 Refining The Big Move
Refining The Big Move Presentation
Leslie Woo
9 Project Prioritization Framework Update
Project Prioritization Framework Update Presentation
Leslie Woo
John Howe
10 GO Rail Electrification Study Update Electrification Study Presentation Leslie Woo
11 GO’s Quarterly Customer Service Report Mary Proc
12 Appointment of Associate Corporate Secretary Mary Martin
13 Infrastructure Ontario Presentation David Livingston

†The 2009-10 Annual Report and Financial Statements are not to be considered approved until tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.


14 Air Rail Link Update Gary McNeil
15 CEO’s Report (Closed Session) Rob Prichard
16 Managing Director’s Report (Closed Session) Gary McNeil
17 Approval of Minutes – May 19, 2010 Mary Martin
18 Investment Strategy Update John Howe
John Brodhead
19 Non-Fare Revenue Opportunities Robert Siddall