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April 27, 2007 1:00 p.m.
Markham Town Centre, Canada Room
101 Town Centre Boulevard
Markham, Ontario


1 Call to Order Rob MacIsaac
2 Declarations of Interest Rob MacIsaac
3 Remarks by the Chair Rob MacIsaac
4 CEO’s Report – BR-07-0001 Michael Fenn

Decision ITEMS

5 Confirming Resolution Rob MacIsaac
6 Meeting Location Rob MacIsaac
7 Banking Arrangements Rob MacIsaac
8 Policy Governing Board Meetings Rob MacIsaac
9 Expense Approvals Amendment By-Law #1 Rob MacIsaac
10 Steering Committee Rob MacIsaac
11 Committee Charters Rob MacIsaac
12 Minutes of March 23, 2007 Rob MacIsaac


13 Staff Report - Planning Studies – BR-07-0002 Joe Perrotta
14 Introduction MRC Transportation
Prioritization Framework
Joe Perrotta
15 MRC Presentation Dennis Callan, MRC
16 Round Table all
17 Correspondence
Receive and File Correspondence
   a) Establishment of Accountability Standards
   b) Brampton Resolution
   c) Mississauga Resolution
   d) TTC - A New Class Environmental
Assessment Process for Transit Projects
   a) Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario
Rob MacIsaac
18 In Camera Items
Human Resource Issues Resolution 07-B15
Rob MacIsaac
19 Other Business
Resolution 07-B18 - CUTA Conference - Travel Approval
Rob MacIsaac
20 Adjournment Rob MacIsaac