The view inside the glass and metal bridge.

Kipling Transit Hub reaches milestone as new amenities open

Customers can now use the pedestrian bridge and underground tunnel at the Kipling Transit Hub.

Jan 6, 2021

The Kipling Transit Hub is getting close to the finish line.

The major Etobicoke transit centre has recently opened the pedestrian bridge and a portion of the underground tunnel connecting to the TTC Passenger Pick-Up and Drop-Off (PPUDO) building, as part of reaching ‘substantial completion’.

Substantial completion is the stage when a construction project is considered sufficiently completed and all the major infrastructure can be opened for customer use. However, finishing touches remain and construction crews will continue working away to wrap up all the final details. Only a few minor construction activities are left on the to-do list.

Kipling Transit Hub will provide essential transit connections by integrating GO Transit (rail and future bus service), MiWay bus service and access to the TTC in one location.

Image looks down on construction.

Before: Aerial view of the Kipling Transit Hub construction footprint. (Metrolinx photo)

green roof of Kipling station.

After: Aerial view of the Kipling Transit Hub footprint with green roof installed on the bus terminal and pedestrian bridge crossing over the tracks to the GO train platform. (Metrolinx photo)

“We started this project to connect communities and improve the customer experience,” said James Schick, Metrolinx project delivery team manager.

“Working in close partnership with EllisDon and the surrounding communities, we are one step closer to delivering a finished transit hub that enables seamless travel options in one convenient location.”

A worker walks past construction.

Before: Steel framing for the overhead pedestrian bridge and bus terminal canopy on south side. (Metrolinx photo)

the hub and bridge in the background.

After: Same viewpoint, completed pedestrian bridge and bus terminal with canopy and transit stops installed. (Metrolinx photo)

Customers and the local community moving through can check out some of the new amenities and upgrades:

  • New Kipling Bus Terminal (GO & MiWay) building complete with access to MiWay bus service.
  • New pedestrian bridge over the train tracks – complete with stairs and elevators to connect the new bus terminal to the GO train platform. A refresh of the GO station building with more space for customers to use, as well as a new ceiling, tiles, floor, skylight and glass walls overlooking the train platform.
  • Upgrades to the GO train platform, including new accessible boarding area, ramps and safety markings.
  • Access to the underground pedestrian tunnel linking the bus terminal to the TTC PPUDO building. In the near future, the tunnel will also provide underground access to the TTC station.
  • Covered bike parking, open bike parking and bike lockers.
stairs under construction.

Before: Interior of bus terminal – stairway under construction. (Metrolinx photo)

completed stairs.

After: Interior of bus terminal – stairway, lighting, colourful wall tiles, wayfinding signage. (Metrolinx photo)

While some minor landscaping work will take place in the spring, when better weather permits, project completion is expected in the next couple of months – when all major infrastructure will be open for customers.

Construction began in 2018 and the teams have been working to deliver a modern hub for customers to use for years to come. Connecting the region with central transit services and building new amenities means a more comfortable and efficient travel experience.

Kipling Transit Hub enters 2021 with advances for pedestrians, cyclists and all commuters looking to hop on a bus, train or subway.

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by Teresa Ko Metrolinx communications senior advisor