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Durham-Scarborough BRT

Below is information on the proposed transit and pedestrian mall for Downtown Whitby between Byron Street and Green Street.

Rendering of Dundas Street east of Byron Street, looking east

Dundas Street east of Byron Street

Planned road network connections

The Town of Whitby and Durham Region have plans to make new connections in the road network. These connections will provide new route choices for drivers over the next 10 to 15 years. These connections were previously proposed by the Town and the Region and will be implemented separately from the BRT project. These connections are not required for the BRT to function but will assist traffic flow throughout Whitby.

Manning Road from Cochrane to Brock Street.

Evaluation of Downtown Whitby options

After receiving feedback from the second round of public consultation, the project team looked at other options to maintain transit priority while reducing the impact of the concerns raised. The pedestrian mall was raised as one option that would benefit transit operations and provide opportunities to improve the sidewalks and public realm along Dundas Street. The table below summarize the key differences between three options: business as usual, curbside transit lanes (as recommended at PIC2) and a pedestrian mall (current recommendation).

Downtown Whitby Options

Business as Usual

Curbside BRT

Pedestrian Mall RECOMMENDED


  • Continue to run buses in mixed traffic
  • No opportunity for improved public realm
  • Business deliveries and on-street parking remain
  • Traffic congestion is expected to increase over time, also increasing delays to transit
  • Convert curb lanes to transit-only lanes
  • Parking relocated to side streets
  • Restrictions to curbside loading and unloading
  • Transit delays due to turning vehicles and curbside activities
  • Increases capacity for traffic in the downtown
  • Convert centre lanes to transit-only lanes; convert curb lanes to improved public realm
  • Parking relocated to side streets
  • Deliveries maintained
  • Transit priority across Whitby
  • Planned road network connections provide new route choices for drivers.

Public Realm


No potential to improve the public realm


Perception that curbside bus lanes reduce walkability. No potential to improve the public realm.


Potential to reimagine the street, increase pedestrian amenities and provide space for events and activities


No change to on-street parking


31 spaces moved from Dundas Street to local side streets


31 spaces moved from Dundas Street to local side streets

Business Access


No change


Storefront deliveries impacted (limited hours, service from rear or side streets)

Deliveries allowed using public realm space

Traffic and Moving People


Congestion and delays will continue to increase. Does not increase the people-carrying capacity of Dundas Street.

Removal of parking and vehicle segregation will improve local traffic flows. Some increase to the people-carrying capacity of Dundas Street.


Longer distance trips could take other regional roads. Planned road network connections provide new route choices for medium and local trips.

Transit Priority


No improvement in this segment of the corridor. Would result in a gap in the transit priority measures in Whitby, increasing delays and conflicts, and limiting improvements to transit reliability

Some improvement but conflicts with right turns and deliveries is challenging. Would result in curbside transit lanes in central Whitby


High degree of priority for transit users, encouraging greater transit usage. Supports centre-running transit lanes across Whitby improving transit reliability


No impacts to parking or access. No improvement to public realm, traffic congestion or transit operations. Does not increase capacity to move people or encourage increased transit use.

Impacts to parking and deliveries. No improvement to public realm. Some reduction of traffic congestion and some improvement to transit operations. Some increase in the capacity to move people and encourage transit use.

Impacts to parking. Deliveries allowed using public realm space. Improvement to public realm. Changes to traffic patterns. Improvement to transit priority across Whitby. Increases capacity to move people and encourages increased transit use.

In Fall 2019, at Public Information Centre 2, the technically preferred solution was Curbside (4 Lanes). The solution:

  • Converted the two curbside general traffic lanes to exclusive transit use,
  • Relocated on-street parking from Dundas Street to side streets or municipal parking facilities,
  • Did not change or improve the existing sidewalks,
  • Had no impact on the adjacent buildings, minimizing impacts to cultural heritage resources and property, and
  • Reduced capacity for general traffic and goods movement. Business deliveries would be restricted to either rear access, side street access or off-hour access.