The transit agency has published the first ridership map since the start of the pandemic.

Wi-Fi on GO is here – GO Transit’s free Wi-Fi and content portal

Launching today, GO Wi-Fi Plus is more than free data - but also TV shows, music, books, and more.

Sep 28, 2020

Not everything has come to an almost complete stop over these past months.

In fact, a very strong connection is about to be made.

A man uses a phone on a GO bus.

A Metrolinx employee uses his devices during recent testing of the Wi-Fi portal on a GO bus. (Roy Mak photo)

In addition to the vigorous cleaning and 40+ health and safety measures Metrolinx has implemented across the GO Transit and UP Express network, the transit agency has been working to make a return to trains and buses a little more fun.

Wi-Fi has arrived on all GO buses and approximately half of the train fleet. That’s destination-to-destination online connection, for free. And to celebrate its launch, here’s a preview video that gives you a virtual tour of what GO Wi-Fi Plus has to offer.

Here are more details on how your ride is going to change digitally, as well as become more convenient, productive and even educational.

First, let’s explore the name: ‘GO Wi-Fi Plus’. This means free Wi-Fi. But, the story is less about ‘Wi-Fi’ and more about the ‘Plus’ portal.

A man sits on a GO bus and looks at his phone.

A Metrolinx employee on a GO bus during a recent test of the Wi-Fi portal. (Roy Mak photo)

It refers to all of the content that you can watch, read and listen to during your commute. The GO Wi-Fi Plus content portal will provide free, unlimited access to hundreds of TV shows, music, audiobooks, e-books, courses and podcasts. Some key content partners include: CTV, CuriosityStream, Coursera, Kobo, Stingray, Wattpad, TLN, and Global.

In case passengers can’t decide, there’s a handy trip timer feature that suggests content that matches the length of a trip.

Free data opens up plenty of options outside of the portal to stay connected during a journey. With Wi-Fi, there are many possibilities: email, video calls, trip planning and loading your PRESTO card.

the portal homepage

Here’s how the portal looks, when passengers log into the home page. (Metrolinx image)

All riders will get up to 10 MB of data per trip, while registered My PRESTO Account users will receive 50MB of data per trip.

Any content on the portal is unlimited and free.

Until the remaining trains are outfitted – expected completion is early 2021 – keep an eye out for Wi-Fi decals on train doors and listen up for onboard announcements.

Wi-Fi is one of the top amenities requested by GO customers. And, with GO Wi-Fi Plus, Wi-Fi has been taken to a new level on GO Transit journeys.

by Michael Zupanic Metrolinx brand advisor