For safety’s sake - Demolition of vacant properties purchased in Hamilton begin this fall

Vacant properties slated to be demolished for Hamilton LRT

Work to prep for the Hamilton LRT project includes dealing with vacant Metrolinx-owned properties.

Mar 17, 2022

Demolition of several more Metrolinx-owned properties along the Hamilton light rail transit (LRT) route will begin later this month.

It follows work completed at 23 other Metrolinx-owned properties last year.

The demolitions will prepare acquired properties for future staging and construction and ensure community safety, as the demolitions will reduce or eliminate the risk of fire, vandalism, and illegal activities in these vacant properties.

an old building.

Here’s an example of one of the properties. This one is at at 918 Main Street West. (Metrolinx photo)

The 13 additional buildings slated for demolition include:

  • 1203 King Street East
  • 85 Paisley Avenue South
  • 918 Main Street West
  • 930 Main Street West/160 Bond Street South
  • 940 Main Street West
  • 670-674 King Street East
  • 676-680 King Street East
  • 692 King Street East
  • 696 King Street East
  • 787-789 King Street East
  • 924 King Street East
  • 1030 King Street East
  • 1407 Main Street East

Demolition work will begin across the route in late March, pending permit approvals.

Metrolinx is working with demolition subcontractors and the City of Hamilton to make sure pedestrian, transit and vehicle access or detours are visible and easy to follow. Residents and businesses near the work will receive advance notice of demolition activities.

a building

A building at 924 King Street East, slated for demolition. (Metrolinx photo)

These properties will be required for station stops, infrastructure, and widening to accommodate the future LRT right of way. In the short term, demolition sites will be restored, secured with fencing, and monitored by security contractors.

The acquisition process for additional properties is expected to begin in the coming weeks as property requirements continue to be confirmed. This process will begin with Metrolinx reaching out directly to impacted owners.

Early construction works for utility relocations is expected to begin later in 2022 and procurement – the Request for Qualifications for bidders – on the main construction contract is expected to start this year as well.

Editor’s note – This story was edited on Mar. 17, 2022, to reflect updates on the project and the latest round of property demolitions.