A large truck pumps concrete into a pit at Kennedy station.

Take a walk-through tour of Kennedy Station

Metrolinx News is checking in with each of the Crosstown stations to highlight progress.

May 30, 2019

Lift your head from your device.

Grab your bags – stand up and stretch.

We’ve reached the final destination in our Crosstown Progress series – visiting every station and stop along the Eglinton Avenue light rail transit (LRT) system.

And for this last, truly inside glimpse of the mega-construction, we return to life below street-level of Toronto.

A map shows the different elements of the station.

Located underground southeast of the Kennedy Road and Eglinton Avenue East intersection, Kennedy Station is either the last or first stop of the LRT. It’ll depend where you want to go.

Once complete, Kennedy Station will be a mobility hub, connecting to the GO Transit Stouffville Line, a TTC bus terminal and the TTC’s Lines 2 and 3. The station will have four station entrances, 40 outdoor and 80 indoor bicycle parking spaces and retail space on the concourse level within both the fare-paid and non-fare-paid zones.

A large truck pumps concrete into a pit at Kennedy station.

Want to take a walk-through video tour? Come this way.

Construction of Kennedy Station began in 2017 with piling works and utility relocation. In addition to construction of the future Crosstown station, constructor Crosslinx Transit Solutions (CTS) has also been making improvements to the current station. In late March 2018, CTS pulled off a remarkable 75-hour blitz to complete an underpass that will connect the new east and west GO platforms on the Stouffville line. It was completed over the weekend, just in time for the first GO train to arrive on Monday morning.

You can see it all here.

Additional GO infrastructure elements are also being done including a new underground station area, a new ticketing building, a passenger pick-up and drop-off and a new west rail platform.

In the meantime, excavation work for the Crosstown line continues and is expected to be completed by late 2019. The station will be fully completed in 2021.

While it might be time to exit the vehicle for this tour, the progress is still moving forward.

We’ll soon post an interactive Crosstown quiz here on Metrolinx News, as well as an updated video of one of the most complicated parts of the LRT build. And follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on Eglinton Crosstown milestones.

So as you exit the doors, don’t forget to come back again. And again. And again.

by Erika D’Urbano Communications senior advisor