SuperDogs take the GO to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than GO locomotives! Meet President’s Choice SuperDogs!

Nov 1, 2018

The SuperDogs can soon add another trick to their already impressive act as they get ready to unleash their inner good dog and take GO Transit to their next gig.

The popular canine carnival is coming back to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair from Nov. 2nd to 11th at Exhibition Place in Toronto.

The act features about 45 highly-trained dogs performing a variety of tricks such as balancing on a basketball, jumping rope and hurdling over obstacles.

SuperDogs take the GO to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

The President’s Choice SuperDogs jump on board GO Transit in preparation for their show at the Royal Winter Fair at Exhibition Place running Nov. 2nd to 11th.

Trainer Amy White has been with the show for about 20 years and travels with her six pup-performers from her home just north of Whitby.

She says GO Transit’s dog pilot project is perfect for both human and pooch alike. She’s taken her dogs on both the GO and TTC.

“Being able to come with your dog (on the train) verses having it sit in traffic… it’s easier for the dogs,” White said.

Metrolinx’s recently extended dog pilot project launched in July. It allows a maximum of two leashed dogs to travel with their human companion when they board GO and UP trains.

The hounds and humans are allowed to ride together weekdays between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., and from 6:30 p.m. until end of service, as well as all day weekends and holidays.


Dewy the Australian koolie balances on a basketball on board a GO train as the SuperDogs get ready for their show at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair at Exhibition Place.

Dan Roufosse, a trainer from Oshawa, said the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is something he and his Australian koolie named Dewy look forward to every year.

One of Dewy’s many tricks is wrapping his paws around and hugging his adoring fans.

“He likes it,” Roufosse said of the fair. “He’s a real hugger… I think his favourite part is doing the pat and chats.”

Celebrating its 96th year, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is Toronto’s longstanding tradition featuring agricultural competition, animal displays, local food and entertainment.

Royal Winter Fair lovers can get a 20 per cent discount when they use their PRESTO card to purchase tickets. Combo tickets including a round-trip GO Transit fare and GA admission to the fair are also available for purchase here.

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The SuperDogs and their trainers will be performing every day in the President’s Choice Animal Theatre at the Royal Winter Fair. The show is free with the price of admission.