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Simply text “HELP” for assistance on GO, UP and at stations

New text service gives passengers a more discreet way to report safety concerns.

Jan 31, 2023

A new text-for-help support program now gives customers one more safety option on GO Transit and UP Express.

People can discreetly report immediate safety or security concerns by texting “HELP” to 77777.

The Customer Protective Services team will reply to the text within 90 seconds and will converse with the person to understand the concern. If needed, the team can assist by dispatching support or local police services.

This provides a discreet, fast, and effective way to request assistance while on board or at stations, without drawing attention in moments when one may feel vulnerable.

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Customers can also continue to use the yellow emergency strip for use when police, fire or medical assistance is required, or call 911 for life threatening emergencies and crimes in progress.

This service is offered throughout the Metrolinx network – on trains and buses, at stations and bus loops, and with GO Transit and UP Express.

At this time, customers are advised to send text-only (SMS) messages. Only text messages without images or video can be received at this time.

Customer Protective Services can also be reached by phone at 1-877-297-0642.

by Mike Winterburn Metrolinx communications senior advisor