tactile yellow strips on the platform.

Significant changes coming to Whitby GO Station

New yellow tactile strips & digital signs are just some of the improvements coming to the station.

Jun 8, 2020

If things look busy at Whitby GO, it’s because the station is getting some upgrades.

As of today (June 8),the west half of the island platform is closed on both sides until the end of summer to install tactile yellow tiles and digital signs on the train and bus platforms. – important improvements that are part of Metrolinx’ GO Expansion program which will provide faster, convenient and safer journey.

men pouring concrete.

Just like at Ajax GO, heavy machinery is being called in for the work which includes a truck equipped with train wheels to pour concrete where the new yellow tactiles will go. (Metrolinx Photo)

As Metrolinx continues to increase service and announce new infrastructure, the transit agency is continuing to take steps to improve the safety and experience of customers at stations. The changes are part of this.

These station improvements are a part of GO’s Early Station Improvements (ESI) project launched last year. The ESI project consists of a variety of renovations across 29 existing stations. In many ways, it represents one of the early stepping stones necessary for GO expansion to maintain, and even enhance, the safety and accessibility of existing stations.

This program may seem smaller than some of Metrolinx’s other capital endeavours, but it packs a significant punch when it comes to ensuring customers, and Metrolinx employees, are safe at the stations.

Boarding your train at Whitby GO

As of today (June 8) Metrolinx is closing the west half of the island platform on both sides till the end of the summer to install tactile yellow tiles and digital signs. Customers should use the east side of the island platform to board your train.

The pedestrian bridge and West tunnel at Whitby will remain open during the construction.

Boarding your train at Union Station

Not all coach doors will open at Whitby Station. Customers should listen to the announcements on their train or ask a customer service ambassador for assistance if they need it.

Catching your bus at Whitby GO

Improvements are coming to the bus loop by installing digital signs. During construction, Metrolinx will temporarily relocate where you catch your bus. Customers should look for signs to help them find their temporary bus stop.

In July, construction will switch to the east side of the island platform. Metrolinx will inform customers of future boarding changes well in advance.

tactile yellow strips on the platform.

New tactile yellow tiles, like this, will be installed on both sides of the platform, as well as upgrades to digital signage on train and bus platforms. (Metrolinx Photo)

Up next, change is coming to Oshawa station to improve safety at the platform level while providing better signage so customers can stay up to date.

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by Frank Paul Metrolinx customer communications senior team leader