Image is of a rider with a Quiet Zone image behind her.

Quiet Zone on GO Trains now sponsored by Audible

Find out more about the Quiet Zone and learn how GO riders can also access free content.

Oct 27, 2020

It’s often a bit of moving Zen. A level of low volume. Quads of calm.

Many GO Transit customers are used to heading to the upper Quiet Zone on their trains – the level that asks riders to keep the noise down during rush hours. It’s where most put in ear buds and find some private digital distraction or get lost in thought.

Image is of a rider with a Quiet Zone image behind her.

GO’s Quiet Zone has now been partnered with Audible. (Metrolinx photo)

Now with a new collaboration with, part of the world’s largest producer and provider of original spoken-word entertainment and audiobooks, passengers will also be able to download free content and take journeys of discovery.

As a supporter of the Quiet Zone, Audible will be providing free audiobooks for GO customers. A new title will be offered up to four times a year. Those on board can download their free title by scanning the QR code found on the ‘Quiet Zone by Audible’ signs.

Just look for Audible Canada to download their app, or go to for more information. Over the weeks to come, new signs will be put up in train coaches to recognize this collaboration and help riders connect with

The announcement of ‘Quiet Zone by Audible’ comes after riders were recently introduced to free Wi-Fi on both trains and buses through GO Transit’s new content portal. You can find that story here.

Now that we have your ear for a moment, especially if you’re not familiar with the Quiet Zone, here are a few reminders on ways to keep the areas a place of commuting calm.

Introduced as a permanent fixture on trains in 2013, the Quiet Zone – now the ‘Quiet Zone by Audible’ – are located on the upper level of trains during rush hour trips.

Though customers on the entire train are asked to respect noise levels, the Quiet Zone is meant for short and hushed conversations, or just silent travelling. That means keeping electronics, including cell phones and laptops, muted, while making sure headphone volumes aren’t blasting so others can hear.

You can find out more about by clicking here.

And a bit of related trivia – if you search for ‘train’ on’s main site – though, sure, some of those are more about ‘training’ tactics – you get 850 possibilities. Just a suggestion from those of us who are partial to such things…

by Carlie Weppler Metrolinx account manager, Business Development and Partnerships.