Colin Millien 1

Profiling an outstanding GO customer service ambassador

Colin Millien makes an impression on many of his customers & they took to social media to thank him.

Jun 29, 2018

When Colin Millien arrives for work every day, he makes a point of stopping for a moment to appreciate where he is and what he does.

“I get to see a sunrise on a lake in Barrie,” he said. “I end up at Toronto Union seeing the CN Tower at night time, with the whole scenery, with all the office towers.”

Millien has been working as a Customer Service Ambassador for GO Transit for six months now. He calls working on the trains “the best job ever” because he gets to interact with customers the entire time.

Offering assistance to those in need and keeping people informed about departures, arrivals, schedule and service is the main part of his job.

While important to be clear and make safety a top priority, Millien always tries to inject some personality and fun into the journey as well. He’s even let children make some of the announcements. That extra effort has led to some praise on social media.

Millien had previously been working in the hotel industry but had also spent a great deal of time in an office environment, so this has been a welcome change.

“You’re meeting up with different people. You’re hearing different stories. You’re seeing the different personalities,” he said. “That’s the best part about it every day.”

He’s also made a point of sharing his experience with others by taking pictures and sharing some on social media as well.

“My friends have screensavers on their monitor,” he said. “I open up my door and that’s my screen saver every morning.”