Park your butt! Metrolinx tests new GO train seats

Metrolinx is making your trip more comforable, with new seats.

Sep 12, 2018

Making your commute easier and more comfortable is something that GO Transit officials is always looking to do. With that in mind Metrolinx is testing new seats for the GO train.

“We received feedback that some of the seats on our newer trains aren’t comfortable,” explained Director of Customer Care, Jessalynn Selby. “So, we’ve set up eight demo seats where customers can test the cushions, headrests, and armrests and provide feedback.”

After trying out each of the options, customers can vote on what styles they liked, didn’t like, and which they found the most comfortable. Once the testing period is over, customer responses will be analysed and help inform future decisions as GO train coaches get refurbished or new ones are acquired.

“The type of seats on our trains continues to change as new styles and options become available.” said Selby. “Customer feedback will help ensure we are making the best and most comfortable choices for our passengers.”

Customers will have the opportunity to test out the seats in the York Concourse at Union Station until September 21st.

Global News reporter Tom Hayes recently asked others what they thought and took the test himself.