Une nouvelle vidéo montre comment les phases de construction du TLR de Hamilton fonctionneront.

New video shows how Metrolinx is building the Hamilton LRT

In a new video, Metrolinx shows the different phases of LRT construction will work in Hamilton

Jul 25, 2022

Design and preliminary works are ramping up on the Hamilton light rail transit (LRT) line to get everything ready for when construction starts.

But what exactly is involved in the construction of a modern light rail transit line?

The video below takes you through the steps required to transform the roadway from the existing state — designed primarily to move cars — into a modern transit corridor.

This video of the different stages of Hamilton LRT construction gives a generalized overview of LRT construction. (Metrolinx video)

Keep in mind this video is just showing one general example of how utilities like sewers and gas lines are laid out. The Hamilton LRT route contains a few different road and utility layouts, which means different areas may require slightly different approaches to construction and the final layout may differ from exactly what’s shown in this video.

More details on the specific road layouts will come at a future date.

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by Alex Iantorno Metrolinx communications Senior Advisor