a line of TTC gates, with PRESTO readers.

New two-hour PRESTO transfer on TTC

Customers can hop on & off anywhere on TTC system within a two-hour window.

Jul 30, 2018

Taking transit to a dentist appointment, catch a yoga class and go grocery shopping, all for one fare, is about to become a reality in Toronto.

After August 26, customers will be able to hop on and off anywhere on the TTC system, going any direction within a two-hour window, all while only paying a single fare.  It starts with a timer after the first tap of a PRESTO card and ends when those two hours are up.

The TTC’s current transfer rules require customers to pay a second fare if they get back on after a short period, and if they want to backtrack. This change makes it easier and more affordable for PRESTO customers to get around.

“Making the PRESTO customer experience a great one is a big focus for us, so we’re delighted the TTC made the decision to move to a convenient two-hour transfer system for PRESTO customers,” said Annalise Czerny, Executive Vice President for PRESTO.

The new time-based transfer policy is only applicable to PRESTO card users travelling on the TTC system. Users will have to tap their cards every time they enter a subway station or board a bus or streetcar, regardless of whether it’s at a station or at street level.

“We’ve provided time-based transfers for our other transit partners for years now, so it just makes sense for the TTC to get on board with it. It’s another big reason for TTC riders to make the switch to PRESTO.”

According to a TTC report, the new two-hour transfer on PRESTO will encourage off-peak ridership, adding an estimated five million customer trips per year. Hopping on and off the TTC to run errands have never been easier. All you have to do now is tap and go.

by Nitish Bissonauth Metrolinx bilingual editorial content advisor