bikes waiting at stalls.

New Bike Share Toronto program revolves around GO Stations

Customers may have noticed the addition of dozens of bicycle rental stalls at GO Transit stations.

Jul 23, 2020

If the sight of your car baking under a hot Toronto summer sun makes you perspire even before opening the door, you now can break a healthier sweat while getting to and from a number of Toronto GO Transit stations.

Metrolinx has unveiled new Bike Share Toronto depots recently built at Guildwood, Mimico, Long Branch and Rouge Hill GO stations. The sophisticated hubs are meant to give daily commuters and occasional travellers another option in getting between homes or work, and local GO stations.

bikes waiting at stalls.

GO Transit stations around Toronto are putting the pedal down on a partnership with Bike Share Toronto. Rental depots have been set up at several area GO stations, including this one at Long Branch. (Metrolinx photo)

There’s no shortage of bikes to rent, as Guildwood Station alone has 39 Bike Share Toronto docks. The technology behind the system runs entirely on wireless electric power.

The pricing looks like this:

  • $3.25 per use
  • $7 day pass
  • $15 3-Day Pass
  • $99 Yearly Pass

Customers can access Bike Share Toronto on their devices through the CycleFinder/PBSC app. You can find out more by clicking here.

That app allows users to access system maps, check for real-time bike and station availability, purchase passes and unlock bikes.


As well, PRESTO Perks offers 10 per cent off Bike Share Toronto Memberships. To find out more, just go here.

It’s about as easy as, well you know, riding a bike.

by Kathy Gorman Metrolinx senior brand advisor