Sunflower program pins

Metrolinx is joining the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program

New accessibility initiative supports and raises awareness of those with non-visible disabilities.

Oct 27, 2023

Metrolinx has joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program to support people with disabilities that may not be immediately visible.

Starting Oct. 27, customers may request and wear a sunflower pin, which voluntarily indicates to GO Transit and UP Express employees that additional help, understanding or a little more time may be required.

Metrolinx is the first public transit agency in North America to adopt the program. Toronto Pearson is also a partner of the Sunflower program and offers participants a seamless journey to and from the airport on the UP Express.

Sunflower program pins

Sunflower program is popular with transit operators in the UK like Transport for London, Heathrow Airport and Network Rail. (Anthony Ascenzi photo)

Customers can pick up a sunflower pin at Union Station by asking a GO Transit or UP Express employee or can be mailed a free pin when requested via email at

Metrolinx is working to reduce barriers on transit, and making it safer, easier and more convenient to travel throughout the region.

by Emily Blum Metrolinx communications senior advisor