Kipling GO bus station reaches new heights with canopy work

Kipling GO station is undergoing a major transformation to become a true transit hub.

Dec 5, 2019

Look up – way up.

Recent work on the Kipling Bus Terminal is starting to stand out. Or rather, rise up.

Crews have made substantial progress on the station’s canopy. The overhang – which stretches out about 15 metres over the platform – will shelter customers from the elements.

We thought we’d show you some updated images of the Kipling construction.

Rendering shows what the Kipling station will look like. A large station, with a bus pulling up i...

But first, here’s a bit of background on the terminal. The Kipling GO station will connect customers to the transit agency’s buses and trains, as well as MiWay and the TTC. Once complete, it will feature a reconfigured TTC parking lot northeast of the new bus terminal, and include passenger pick-up and drop-off, as well as taxi areas.

A pedestrian bridge will span over the train tracks – complete with elevators – to connect the new bus terminal to the GO train platform.

There will be a renovated GO station building and new underground tunnels will make it easier to walk between the new GO/MiWay bus terminal and the existing TTC station.

Now for the status and the recent shots.