Hundreds more places to instantly load your PRESTO card

Customers can now head to Shoppers Drug Mart to reload their card.

Oct 26, 2018

If your local transit system uses PRESTO, you can now go to any Shoppers Drug Mart location in your community to access PRESTO services.

The retail rollout that began in May 2017 is now complete, meaning there are hundreds more locations (384, to be exact!) for you to instantly load funds and passes and set senior, youth or child concessions on your cards.

Transit is a big part of our everyday lives, which is why offering PRESTO services at Shoppers Drug Mart makes so much sense. Putting the things we want and need all under one roof makes it quicker and easier for us to get through our daily checklists, whether that includes buying toothpaste, filling a prescription, or loading a monthly pass on our PRESTO cards—or all of the above!

In Ottawa and Hamilton, some other Loblaw banner stores will also provide PRESTO services—Real Canadian Superstore and Loblaws in Ottawa, and Fortinos in Hamilton.

For a complete list of customer service outlets, visit the PRESTO website.