An artist's rendering of the Hazel McCallion Line Port Credit Portal

Hazel McCallion LRT guideway installation coming to Port Credit

40-meters of guideway to be installed around Eaglewood bridge.

Nov 6, 2023

The area around Port Credit GO Station is about to undergo some changes.

That’s because crews just completed the construction of a new bridge at Eaglewood Boulevard. The completion of this phase of construction has allowed for the start of the guideway track installation of the future Hazel McCallion Line in Mississauga South.

For those not familiar, a guideway is a dedicated section of tracks where trains run, separate from traffic.

Once the tracks are installed, the new Eaglewood bridge will be handed over to the City of Mississauga and opened to the public.

Port Credit GO Verona System

A look at the new bridge at Eaglewood Boulevard near Port Credit GO. (Metrolinx image)

Guideway construction starting

40 metres of guideway will be installed along the Eaglewood bridge, running 20 metres north and 20 metres south.

By installing the guideway while motorists can still use the Inglewood intersection and before the Eaglewood intersection is officially opened to the public, crews are able to avoid a full intersection closure.

Port Credit GO Verona System

Why build a new bridge?

The newly built Eaglewood bridge serves as a vital east/west link over Mary Fix Creek, seamlessly connecting Eaglewood Boulevard in the east to Oriole Avenue in the west.

Once opened, the new bridge and intersection at Eaglewood will replace the existing bridge and intersection over the creek at Inglewood Drive.

On top of enhancing traffic flow and connecting communities on both sides of Hurontario Street, this reconfiguration will create a more efficient coordination with the ongoing LRT guideway construction on Hurontario Street.

by Maria Khan Metrolinx communications senior advisor