Customers are welcomed to Guildwood GO by community relations staff.

Guildwood GO upgrades bring benefits to the community

Metrolinx leaders & community members gather to mark rebirth of Guildwood GO Station.

Jun 19, 2019

Guildwood GO has come a long way since the year Star Wars premiered and the Space Shuttle first took flight.

Today (June 19) Metrolinx celebrates one of the oldest stations on the GO Network, as well as thanks customers that have been witnessing its renewal.

Some customers have been catching trains here since the days it first opened in 1977 — while others are new to the world of GO.

Hundreds of customers and community members gathered at Guildwood GO station today to celebrate the completion of major improvements at the station.

Metrolinx representatives and other dignitaries attended the event and marked the milestone with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It’s been more than three years since Metrolinx embarked on an ambitious project to transform one of the oldest stations in the GO network, and Metrolinx is thankful to passengers and the Guildwood community for being patient throughout the challenges that accompany any major construction project.

“We worked with our contractors to minimize disruptions to the neighbouring community and customers while the station was being transformed”, said Carmen Rapati, Community Relations & Issues Specialist. “We were mindful of things like train schedules, noise levels, and station access when the work was planned.”

Partnering with Kenaidan Contracting Ltd., Metrolinx was able to significantly upgrade the station while continuing to provide regular service to Guildwood passengers.

The brand new Guildwood GO has a larger station building with larger indoor waiting areas and washrooms; new tunnels, upgraded platforms, and parking lots that ease traffic flow.

Here are some interesting facts about Guildwood GO:

  • First opened in 1977, it’s one of the oldest stations on our network.
  • The station had a few thousand customers in the first year of opening. Last year, 242,000 customers walked through its doors.
  • It’s the first station in the network to have a green-roofed atrium incorporated into the design.
  • The new station building was designed to meet LEED-Silver certification.