Hazel McCallion Line elevated guideway

Guideway construction progresses on the Hazel McCallion Line

Timelapse video and design renderings offer a glimpse of elevated section of the route.

Apr 3, 2023

Major infrastructure and transit improvements are coming to Hurontario Street with the construction of the Hazel McCallion Line. An important part of this construction is a new elevated guideway that will cross over Highway 403.

It's a stand-alone elevated section of the light rail line that branches off from the mainline tracks over Highway 403 towards Mississauga City Center in the west and rejoins the main tracks south of the highway.

It is being built specifically for the light rail transit (LRT) project to create a stop that will connect to other transit systems and routes in Peel including MiWay buses and GO Transit.

Tracking progress on the LRT

In total, there are 16 piers and six support structures to hold up the guideway, and work on many of them is nearing completion.The precast girder installation has commenced along with the deck work.

Hazel McCallion Line elevated guideway

Guideway timelapse

At the start of elevated guideway construction, timelapse cameras were set up nearby to visually track progress.

The timelapse video below shows piers being installed and then topped by the girders that form the foundations of the guideway deck.

Benefits of the elevated guideway

Benefits of elevated guideway infrastructure include being a dedicated path for the LRT, providing the ability to support high-order transit with reduced impact to local traffic, and being a visually appealing piece of an urban infrastructure

Guideway renderings

Mobilinx, the constructor of the Hazel McCallion Line, provided Metrolinx with renderings showing what the future LRT is set to look like once complete, providing a conceptual “look and feel” of the elevated guideway.

Hazel McCallion Line elevated guideway

This rendering shows the south side of the guideway along Hurontario Street north. All renderings are subject to change. (Metrolinx image)

To bring this conceptual rendering to life, there’s a significant amount of work happening in real time.

Although the guideway appears straight along this stretch, from a bird’s-eye view it is a Y-shape structure, as shown in the rendering below, which gives a more complete look at future infrastructure.

Hazel McCallion Line elevated guideway

An aerial view of the elevated guideway over Highway 403. Renderings are subject to change. (Metrolinx image)

The elevated guideway is one part of the LRT, which will eventually take passengers on a journey several feet above street level.

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by Maria Khan Metrolinx communications senior advisor