Big Read – In-depth look into the bright future of transit in the GTA

GO Transit adding more cars as ridership continues to increase

More people are returning to transit and Metrolinx crews are working to match that demand.

Jul 6, 2022

With more people returning to the office and summer events in full swing, GO Transit is adding more room on some of the busiest train trips.

Starting this month, many GO Train trips on the Lakeshore East and Lakeshore West Lines will increase in length from 10-car trains to 12-car trains. This includes some weekday and all weekend trips.

Some Barrie and Kitchener Line GO Train trips will also increase from six and 10 car lengths to 12 cars long.

Exhibition GO customers

Passengers exiting the train at Exhibition Station. (Mike Winterburn photo)

Each standard GO Train car can comfortably hold about 150 people.

GO Transit staff have been monitoring ridership levels and know that many trips have been getting busier. Transit crews are working hard to make sure the busiest trips are prioritized when adding more cars.

Some customers will begin to see longer trains in the next few days and work will continue throughout July.

Big Read – In-depth look into the bright future of transit in the GTA

On the Lakeshore West, Lakeshore East, Barrie and Kitchener Lines, some trains will lengthen to 12 cars. (Metrolinx photo)

While the trains move across the network, train lengths for specific trips may fluctuate. Metrolinx is asking customers to look down the platform when the train approaches to ensure they wait in the right spot.

And remember, some coaches may be more popular than others. Customers can always move through the train to a different coach to find a more comfortable space.

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by Scott Money Metrolinx editorial content manager