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GO Transit’s newest train is the first of its kind

GO Transit is welcoming a brand new addition to its fleet of locomotives.

Mar 26, 2018

For the first time in more than three years, GO Transit is welcoming a brand new addition to its fleet of locomotives.

While ‘GO 668’ looks similar to other engines in the fleet, featuring the classic green and white colouring, the fresh coat of paint isn’t the only thing “green” about it. It is GO’s first Tier 4 AC locomotive to arrive after rolling off the assembly line at the MotivePower factory in Boise, Idaho.

Loco 668_Chicago_Marty Simane_March 2018

GO Locomotive 668 in Chicago, Illinois, en route to to Toronto. March 2018 (Marty Simane photo)

“Tier 4 technology reduces diesel particulate emissions by about 85%,” said Metrolinx’s director of rail services, Rob Fuller. “(It also reduces) nitrogen oxide emissions by 75% compared to a Tier 2 engine.”

The improved Tier 4 emissions standard, established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, isn’t the only notable feature of the new addition.

Loco 668_Milton_Mar14_Marcus Stevens #2

GO Locomotive 668 travelling through Milton, Ontario. March 2018 (Marcus Stevens photo)

While all of GO’s current engines use DC powered traction motors, ‘GO 668’ uses AC traction. This is brand new for GO and Metrolinx.

According to Fuller, AC traction makes for faster acceleration reduces maintenance requirements and improves reliability.

The cutting edge train is the first of 16 brand new Tier 4 engines being added to the squad. They will help carry the load as GO plans to continue to increase train service in the coming months.

Loco 668_Toronto_Chris Gertz_March 2018

GO Locomotive 668 passing through Paris Junction on the CN main line heading to Willowbrook Maintenance Facility in March 2018. (Chris Gertz photo)

Despite making the 3,500-kilometre journey from Idaho to Etobicoke, ‘GO 668’ won’t be sitting idle for long.

The transit workhorse is undergoing commissioning work at GO’s Willowbrook Maintenance Facility and will be rolling into  GO stations in the coming weeks.

Loco 668_Willowbrook_Mx_Mar2018_4

GO 668 arrived at GO’s Willowbrook yard after traveling 3,500km from Boise, Idaho. (Scott Money photo)

by Scott Money Metrolinx editorial content manager