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Get fresh healthy food on the GO with Daily Blends

GO and UP customers can grab chef-prepared fresh food on their journey.

Mar 7, 2023

Metrolinx has partnered with Daily Blends to offer healthy, grab-and-go meal options across GO and UP Express stations.

Daily Blends AI-driven smart vending machines have begun rolling out to stations across the network, including the Union Station Bus Terminal, UP Express Union Station and the Highway 407 Bus Terminal.

This partnership offers GO and UP customers 24-hour access to a wide-range of fresh, healthy, delicious meal and snack options, and is part of Metrolinx's commitment to continually enhance the customer experience, making the journey on GO and UP Express even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Visit the Daily Blends website for more information.

Businesses interested in commercial opportunities with Metrolinx can learn more here.  

by Katrina Ricchetti Marketing and Retail Account Manager