Finch West LRT canopy installation


Finch West LRT canopy installations complete

Progress continues in Toronto’s west end on the Finch West LRT project.

Nov 27, 2023

There’s more exciting progress to share on the Finch West LRT project.

All of the customer canopies are now installed across the new 11-kilometre transit route.

That’s 116 in total.

These canopies, or shelters as they’re sometimes called, protect transit riders from the elements and provide light in the evenings.

They also feature ticket machines and route maps.

While construction continues on the project, this is a big step in building this new rapid transit line in west Toronto.

Finch West LRT canopy installation

Next steps for Finch West LRT

With the canopy installation now complete, teams are focusing on installing the Public Visual Information System, which includes four screens installed at each station and all stops in both directions, for a total of 64 screens.

The information displayed will include updates and information regarding arrival and departure times, as well as any relevant news that could affect travel.

Commuters will have another safety layer at new canopies with intercoms for general assistance and emergencies at each of the 29 platforms across the Finch West LRT route.

Teams are also working hard to get TTC and Finch West LRT directional signage in place.

by Robert Candido Senior Advisor, Capital Communications