Finch Station

Efforts to get teams onboard for Yonge North Subway Extension

The Yonge North Subway Extension reaches an important milestone

Apr 22, 2022

Stronger transit connections between Toronto and York Region are even closer as the Yonge North Subway Extension takes another step toward breaking ground.

Metrolinx is announcing three companies will be shortlisted for a request for proposals (RFP) on how they will complete upgrades at Finch Station to connect the approximately eight-kilometre subway extension to existing TTC Line 1 service.

The RFP is focused on the work that needs to happen in advance of major construction on the extension, which will help keep the project running smoothly.

After reviewing tunnel submissions received through the RFQ period, Metrolinx will invite these three companies to make bids through a request for proposals:

  • Black & MacDonald Limited
  • Clearway Construction Inc.
  • The State Group Inc.
Metrolinx taking next steps to get teams onboard for Yonge North Subway Extension early works

“We’re thrilled to invite these experienced companies to bid on the early works at Finch Station,” says Metrolinx project sponsor Stephen Collins.

“The early works will lay the foundation for major construction on the subway extension and help us deliver faster transit sooner.”

This milestone follows news about a fifth station being added to the project – Royal Orchard.

Collins says the recent funding commitments announced for Royal Orchard Station show the project is making progress quickly.

“Including a fifth station means the project will bring faster transit to more people in York Region and Toronto,” he says.

Work at Finch Station is expected to start this fall.