Bramalea GO Station

Construction now complete at Bramalea GO

Bramalea GO boasts brand-new station building, improved access & upgraded amenities for GO customers

May 15, 2023

Construction work at Bramalea GO Station is now finished.

After a few phases of construction, one of the busiest stations on the Kitchener GO Line now features a number of new amenities, including a brand-new station building.

The new building means improved access and upgraded options, which benefits GO customers today and into the future.

The new station building, and parking garage opened in 2021, and since then more work has been done on the rest of the station area to make it easier to access, more convenient for customers, and a key community transit hub.

Finishing the Bramalea GO project

Since 2021, the station has seen numerous changes, including:

  • The opening of the new bus loop, with platforms for GO Transit, Brampton Transit, and Züm Transit
  • New surface parking lots
  • New passenger pick-up and drop off zone
  • An enhanced signalized intersection at Steeles Avenue, which includes separate lanes for buses and cars
  • A brand-new platform, a renovated platform, both with completed tunnels and elevators

What’s new with the station?

The upgraded station boasts updated amenities, like the brand-new station building, large parking garage with 2,059 spaces, passenger pick-up and drop-off area, covered bicycle parking, and enhanced safety features including a new emergency call system, improved lighting, and more than 100 new security cameras for enhanced security.

Bramalea GO Station completion

The new passenger pick-up, drop-off at Bramalea GO opened in 2022. (Metrolinx photo)

Station access has improved for customers getting to and from the station.

Bramalea GO is a key connection point for the City of Brampton, and its surrounding communities. Exiting the station northbound onto Bramalea Road has been streamlined, with a new exit directly from the parking garage leading to the new signalized intersection.

Eighteen new bus platforms have also been installed for GO Transit and Brampton Transit.

For the first time ever, Züm (Brampton’s bus rapid transit system) now has a stop inside Bramalea GO, to allow customers to make a seamless connection between Züm, GO Transit and Brampton Transit.

After arriving at the station, there are two different ways to access the train platforms. One is through the station building tunnel, the second is the new west tunnel (which is located between the Brampton Transit and Züm bus platforms).

Bramalea GO Station completion

The new bus loop at Bramalea GO brings a Züm Transit stop inside the station, making it easier for customers to transfer. (Metrolinx photo)

To enhance the station’s overall accessibility, the new station building, pedestrian tunnels to and from the train platforms, and upgraded elevators are all fully accessible.

Bramalea GO Station completion

The new Bramalea GO Station building opened in 2021. (Metrolinx photo)

Bramalea GO Station completion

View from the new parking garage at Bramalea GO. (Metrolinx photo)

At platform level, the north platform has been renovated and a new south platform has been added.

Both platforms feature new snow-melting systems and they have been extended to accommodate the longer 12-car trains. The platforms are also complete with canopies and shelters, to keep customers covered in the event of any bad weather.

Station building best in class for sustainability

The roof of the brand-new parking structure is half covered by solar panels that help prioritize sustainability. To save energy, the parking structure’s interior lighting is motion activated.

Bramalea GO Station completion

New parking garage rooftop solar panels - these panels support the station’s power requirements. (Metrolinx photo)

The parking structure also features an intuitive car counting system, which makes it easy to see which levels of the structure have the most space available.

These major improvements will allow GO Transit to serve more customers as service increases over the coming years.

by Rosie Hales-Wilson Metrolinx senior communications advisor