A GO train makes a run along tracks during an early morning commute.

Business case for proposed Hwy 7/Concord GO station released

Business case investigates the potential for new GO station located in Vaughan’s Concord area.

May 4, 2023

Metrolinx has released an Initial Business Case (IBC) that studies the feasibility of a new GO station to be added to the Barrie GO Line.

The study investigates a site in the City of Vaughan in the Concord area, north of Highway 7, between Rutherford GO Station to the north, and Downsview Park GO Station to the south.

The release of the IBC is the first step in the planning process for a new GO station.

The delivery of the station is being explored through the Ontario government’s Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC) program. Metrolinx is seeking opportunities for a third party to fund the design and construction of the GO station at a lower cost to the taxpayer, while supporting vibrant, mixed-use communities that are close to transit.

The case for expanded transit connections

A GO station in this location, if built, would support connections between GO rail and local and regional bus services, providing customers with improved access to jobs, housing, destinations, and attractions across the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

The proposed site of the Highway 7/Concord GO Station is a potential multi-modal transit hub under the City of Vaughan’s Concord GO Centre Secondary Plan.

The GO station is planned to be located within a Major Transit Station Area with several existing and planned transit services, including the Barrie GO line, the VIVA Bus Rapid Transit line, the future 407 Transitway, and Metrolinx’s GO Regional Bus Service.

Concord GO Station IBC Map

Map showing the approximate location of the proposed station. (Metrolinx image)

What would the station look like?

While it’s too early to talk construction timelines and station design, the IBC proposes a concept plan with station requirements that includes GO customer parking, an area for a passenger pick-up and drop off, secure bicycle parking and a bus loop for customers to transfer to local and regional transit services.

What’s next?

As with any development project, the community will have multiple opportunities to provide input through the established municipal planning process that allows for the community to participate in a consistent, meaningful, transparent, and timely manner.

The IBC is just the first step in advancing a new station.

Want to know more? Read the full initial business case.

Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC)

Metrolinx is exploring the opportunity to deliver the Highway 7/Concord GO Station through the Ontario government’s Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC) program.

Through this program, the province and Metrolinx are building vibrant, mixed-use communities around GO and light rail transit stations throughout the Greater Golden Horseshoe. These TOCs will create more homes, affordable housing options, community amenities and jobs within a short distance of transit.

This approach will help increase transit ridership and reduce gridlock, while leveraging third-party investment to build transit infrastructure.

by Lauren Rodgers Metrolinx communications senior advisor