Positive PRESTO change has also come to machines in TTC subway stations.

Be one of the first beta PRESTO app users

The PRESTO app is here to make it easier for you to manage and load your card on the go.

Dec 13, 2018

The PRESTO app is here to make it easier for you to manage and load your card on the go.

Starting today, Metrolinx is making a beta version of the app available to a limited group of users to get feedback on their experience before launching the official version.

The PRESTO app gives users the convenience of easily loading funds onto their PRESTO card on the go with debit and credit cards, or through Apple Pay. And for most Android phones with NFC capabilities, the app will let you load funds and passes instantly to your PRESTO card simply by holding it onto the back of your phone.

For added peace of mind, you can check your balance, review your trip history, or set up Autoload or Autorenew to ensure that you always have enough funds to travel. If Autoload or Autoreview isn’t for you, you can set up alerts that let you know when your balance drops below a certain amount or when your pass is about to expire.

With a clean and simple black and white design and prompts and instructions that are easy to follow, the app gives everyone a smoother, more straightforward transit experience.

“The PRESTO app gives our customers an easier, more intuitive way to manage their cards,” said Executive Vice President of PRESTO, Annalise Czerny. “It’s proof of our commitment to continuously improve the transit experience for our customers.”

You can download the beta Android version through the Google Play store and the beta iPhone version through the App Store. Spaces are limited, so try it out today.

by Aman Gill Metrolinx communications planning senior advisor