Hazel McCallion Line Verona system


Another big step forward for the Hazel McCallion Line

A new stage of construction for the new light rail line at Port Credit GO Station.

Nov 21, 2023

The exciting progress continues on the Hazel McCallion Line in south Mississauga.  

From track installation to intersection reconstruction and new bridges – it’s all coming together on the new 18-kilometre rapid transit line.  

And another milestone was reached late last month.  

From Oct. 27 to 30, crews working on the Hazel McCallion Line removed the components of the innovative Verona System, which facilitated the concrete passageway (also known as a push box) installation under the Lakeshore West rail tracks at Port Credit GO Station without impacting train service.  

Now that the box is in place, this passageway will separate northbound and southbound traffic of the LRT vehicles into and out of the future Port Credit LRT Station.  

Significance of Verona System Removal 

The Verona System's removal marks a pivotal moment in the creation of the Hazel McCallion Line.  

It opens space for the next phase of construction of an underground LRT station at Port Credit GO and represents a significant leap in construction efficiency.  

Hazel McCallion Line Verona system

Reinstating Tracks and Preparing for Future 

This work is not just about the LRT.  

There’s also important GO Train related work happening at Port Credit GO.  

In addition to removing the Verona System, the project reached another milestone by reinstating three existing GO Train tracks with brand new rail. 

This enhancement ensures improved efficiency and safety for GO Train commuters. Additionally, the foundation for two additional tracks has been laid, setting the stage for future expansion and increased capacity. 

With the Verona System dismantled and tracks reinstated, the Hazel McCallion Line is making remarkable strides in transforming regional transportation.

by Maria Khan Metrolinx communications senior advisor