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66 new train trips coming for GO and UP customers

Customers will be able to enjoy new weekend morning GO trips & later daily trips.

Mar 16, 2018

Those super early mornings heading to downtown Toronto or trying to get to airport are never fun, especially if you’re struggling to find a way there. The same goes for the late-night trip home after a long day.

Well, things are GOing to be getting a little easier.

Starting in April, transit customers will be able to enjoy new weekend morning trips and later daily trips along the GO Lakeshore corridors. Those travelling between Oakville and Oshawa, to and from Union Station, will now see 52 new trips per week.

people on a train platform at Union Station

UP Express will also add two more trips, leaving Union Station at 4:55 a.m. and 5:10 a.m., for travelers to catch those first flights out of Pearson. The 14 new trips every week will also help airport workers to get there with plenty of time.

Whether it’s meeting family for a Saturday brunch, or gathering with friends for a Blue Jays game, these new trips will make it easier. They will also make it more convenient for people who do shift-work or work outside standard business hours.

For more information, check out the new service schedules.