an artist rendering, complete with the LRT crossing an intersection wheer people are walking.

2020 vision - Hurontario LRT to do list for the new year

Upcoming construction broken into six segments – what to expect over the next five years.

Jan 2, 2020

The Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project (HuLRT) has officially released a high level construction overview for the new transit route extending from the Port Credit GO station in Mississauga to the Brampton Gateway Terminal.

The handy graphic breaks down the heavy work ahead.

The projects to-do list has been unveiled after nine years of public meetings and community outreach across Mississauga and Brampton, dividing the schedule into six segments, with each section having its own activities and timelines.

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The outline gives a glimpse of how the HuLRT will roll out in the months and years ahead, as it’s built by Metrolinx’s constructor, Mobilinx.


Mobilinx has begun surveying the corridor and will continue to evaluate underground conditions and to identify utilities into the spring. With the majority of utility relocations being done by Metrolinx prior to the contracts award, the project is on track for heavy construction this coming summer.

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Major construction will begin by removing the medians from the centre of Hurontario Street. Not only will this process allow Mobilinx to shift traffic lanes east and west of the construction – helping to maintain traffic flow, it will also make way for the LRT systems guideway – the physical base supporting the route.

an artist rendering, complete with the LRT crossing an intersection wheer people are walking.

An artist rendering of what the Hurontario LRT will look like, as it moves through communities – in this case, at Hurontario St. and County Court Blvd. (Metrolinx photo)

Keep an eye out for the next series of open houses, along with more updates – including on Metrolinx News – as the team gets closer to putting shovels in the ground.

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by Erika D’Urbano Communications senior advisor