Train on the Lakeshore West Line

Lakeshore West Line GO Expansion

Mimico GO Station

Metrolinx’s GO Expansion program is delivering more GO service across the network, including trains every 15 minutes or better on the Lakeshore West line.

To help support this work, Metrolinx is upgrading our rail network to enable more frequent and fully accessible service, including accessibility and amenity upgrades to Toronto’s Mimico GO Station, to help serve you better.

Aerial diagram of improvements to Mimico GO Station

Aerial diagram of Mimico GO Station improvements. Concept is subject to change during the design process.

Working jointly with the Transit Oriented Communities (TOC) project, Metrolinx will deliver an improved station that is universally accessible and will provide a modern and comfortable customer experience.

The TOC project will deliver new station access facilities and a station building on the north side of the rail corridor. Through the GO Expansion program, Metrolinx will deliver a new east tunnel, platform improvements and a new access building on the south side of the rail corridor.

The upgrades delivered by Metrolinx will include:

  • A new, fully accessible, east tunnel
  • New tunnel entrance building at Manchester St and Blue Goose St with an accessible vehicle drop-off space
  • Accessibility and customer experience upgrades to the platforms and shelters

Transit Oriented Communities (TOC)

Through the Province’s TOC program, Vandyk Properties has agreed to deliver and construct key improvements to the station.

The TOC upgrades will include:

  • 2 station access points
  • A new, fully accessible main station building on the east side of Royal York Road
  • A new entrance via tunnel on the east side of the station by Newcastle Street.
  • 300 underground, dedicated GO parking spaces
  • 96 spaces for bicycle storage including secured and covered parking
  • An integrated transit plaza with pick-up and drop-off facilities
  • Extension of the multi-use greenway path for pedestrians and cyclists to access the station.
Rendering of Mimico GO TOC

Rendering of the proposed Mimico GO Station TOC. Concept is not final and subject to change. (Vandyk Properties Image)

A construction timeline is still to be determined. We will provide an update when we have more information to share.

Learn more about Transit Oriented Communities.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact us the Toronto West Community Relations team at or call us at 416-202-6911.

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Community Documents

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