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More frequent rush hour service, all the way to Bloomington.

On the current Richmond Hill line, commuters can travel into the city for work and get home again at night for dinner. We need options for commuters, but we also need options for everyone else – residents who want to live, work, and play anywhere in the region, with access to everything when they need it. Enter our Richmond Hill GO expansion. We’re taking the Richmond Hill line to a whole new level. With more weekday rush-hour service – every 15-30 minutes in the morning and every 15-30 minutes in the afternoon – everyone will have new options to move. And they’ll be able to go further too, with the new GO station at Bloomington Road now open.

We’re hiking the number of trips on this line by up to 35% over the next five years. Get past rush-hour with a more flexible commute.

There’s nothing quite like the gift of time. With quicker travel times and more options to move, you’ll have the gift of time in a whole new way – time for your life, time for your family, time for the things that bring you joy.

With even more convenient, affordable transit options, we can all look forward to fewer cars on our roads and a better world for our kids to inherit. Now that’s a special kind of relief.
Stations & Projects:


GO Station at Bloomington


increase in trips


minute service

All proposed new station stops are subject to completion of a full business case analysis.