Durham Bus

Durham-Scarborough Bus Rapid Transit

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We're working on a plan to transform the way the region moves

Part of this plan is to bring more frequent and reliable transit service to Durham Region and the City of Toronto, through the Durham-Scarborough Bus Rapid Transit project. The proposed Bus Rapid Transit project builds on the existing PULSE service along Highway 2 in Durham Region and Ellesmere Road in the City of Toronto.

Benefits of the project

  • Dedicated Lanes for buses, where feasible, resulting in shorter travel times and more reliable transit service.
  • Frequent Service with a bus every 5 minutes or less during peak hours.
  • Smart Signals on Highway 2 are already installed and will adapt to support smoother traffic flow for all commutes - on buses, in personal vehicles, and on bicycles
  • Better Connections: TTC, DRT and GO Transit routes can use the dedicated lanes and share the same stops, making it easier to travel throughout the region
  • Reliable Service with buses that are separated from general traffic in most areas

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