traffic flowing near a construction site.

Weekend road closure planned at Rutherford Road in Vaughan

Road closure is needed as Rutherford GO Station construction progresses.

Oct 20, 2021

People planning to use Rutherford Road this coming weekend (Oct. 22-25), might need to change their plans a bit.

At least if you’re looking to use the section between Westburne Drive and Peter Rupert Avenue.

A main component of the Rutherford GO Station upgrades is the grade separation at the rail bridge on Rutherford Road. Expected to open to vehicles in early 2022, traffic will no longer have to wait for a train to pass as the road will flow directly beneath the rail bridge.

This work is part of the GO Expansion program and supports a larger, system-wide plan to improve GO rail service on core segments of the network.

Weekend road closure planned at Rutherford Road in Vaughan as Rutherford GO construction progresses

An aerial view of grade separation work underway near Rutherford Road. (Metrolinx photo)

As part of the grade separation works, a storm water pumping station is being constructed within the underpass. The pump station is an important part of the Rutherford Road grade separation.

During heavy rainfalls, the pumping station will ensure that water collected in the basin of the roadway is properly drained, pumped out, and redistributed in the municipal system.

As part of the pump station construction, Metrolinx contractors will be performing a water main installation and connection. These works are required to complete watermain service to the new pump station and the connection to the existing water main.

The installation will require a deep excavation within the existing detour road.

To complete this work safely and efficiently, the contractor will be closing Rutherford Road from Friday, Oct. 22, at 9 p.m. to Monday, Oct. 25 at 4 a.m. between Westburne Drive and Peter Rupert Avenue.

Completing the water main work during the weekend road closure will mitigate the need for extended lane closures during the week.

Detour routes will be in place for the duration of the closure and directional signage will be installed. Traffic and pedestrian changes are outlined below:

  • Traffic heading east on Rutherford Road will need to detour north or south onto Keele Street
  • Traffic heading west on Rutherford Road will need to detour north or south onto Dufferin Street
  • There will be no pedestrian access on Rutherford Road within the limits of the closure

There will be no impacts to the temporary bus loop or station access. Entry and exit at the Westburne Drive driveway will remain available for buses and local traffic accessing the station. 

Map of detour routes along Keele Street and Dufferin Street for upcoming Rutherford Road closure.

Detour routes along Keele Street and Dufferin Street for upcoming Rutherford Road closure. (Metrolinx image)

The weekend road closure can make your weekend travels lengthier, but the construction will be worth it in the end. Once completed in 2022, Rutherford GO Station will improve the transit experience for communities in Vaughan with:

  • An entirely new and improved station building
  • The new parking structure featuring 1,200 net new spaces
  • A new railway bridge over Rutherford Road enhancing safety and enabling two-way, all-day GO train service in the future
  • Bike lanes and a pedestrian bridge over the road that provide convenient new ways to reach the station
  • 100 new bike parking spots
  • An upgraded bus loop for more seamless connections to York Region Transit and the Kiss & Ride

As part of GO Expansion, Metrolinx is working to bring customers 15-minute, all-day, two-way service between Aurora and Union GO Stations. By making improvements today, the Barrie Line will allow for faster and quieter trains to get people where they need to go.

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by Teresa Ko Metrolinx communications senior advisor