a sunrise - or sunset - near Pearson Airport.

User generated content - photos from your commute

Metrolinx News shows recent customer photos taken during their GO Transit or UP Express trips.

Feb 20, 2020

It may only seem you are unaware of the wider world moving just outside the passenger window of your transit vehicle.

Immersed in the screen of a smart device, lost to your music, or just focused on people-watching inside a GO vehicle – so in tune with your regular surroundings that you know when strangers who share your bus or train take a day off from work.

But then, during one particular part of your journey, many of you have the habit of looking out of the passenger window of your bus or train at a specific moment in the journey. You always look for that one thing. Perhaps it’s as big as a sunrise glint off skyscrapers or as small as an old brown La-Z-Boy chair on a porch. It could be a rusting swing-set in a backyard, a single light in one condo or a bus stop that always seems a bit quant.

Maybe a Jeep stuck to a wall – as we saw in this past story.

These are waypoints – familiar landmarks that always draw your eye.

Perhaps they’re pretty – or far from it. Perhaps they’re interesting in the story they hint at, or just an indication your trip is almost at an end and time for you to start gathering up your belongings for your station to come.

We’d like for you to share that view from your seat – and tell us, if you can, why it always draws your attention.

As you can see, we’ve already started to gather up a few here.

As Ismail Bhikha (@IsmailB18) told us via Twitter when he sent us an image: “I see those views daily so I never get tired of them – the sunrise is probably the best part of my day. And if my train departs at the right time from Pearson, I get a pink and dark blue sky but I haven’t been able to capture a picture of it yet.”

But we want you all to try.

Simply focus that camera phone out of your window, and show us what you see. This is about what’s outside the vehicle, and not inside. Don’t worry if it’s not suitable for framing. You’re sharing with others what you always lift your head up – almost every trip – to see.

"Barrie, Kitchener, and Barrie lines pic.twitter.com/5NxDolB7YK"
- Sean Marshall (@Sean_YYZ) February 8, 2020

We’ll use some of the images in upcoming Metrolinx News stories, so will give you credit for sharing.

You can email us those pictures to News@metrolinx.com – along with a sentence telling us why it makes you look out of that window at that particular spot. Or send them using FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

This is about what draws your eye as your GO Transit vehicle travels on.

It may only seem like you’re not aware of what’s happening outside that passenger window. Time to look up and show us all what you always look for.