An UP Express train leaves Pearson airport.

UP Express reaches 4-year milestone

The UP Express has an iconic place in travels between Canada’s largest airport and downtown.

Jun 6, 2019

Talk about an old transit soul in a young bloodline.

Today (June 6, 2019) UP Express marks its 4th anniversary, shuttling customers – travellers from near and very far – between Toronto’s Pearson International Airport and downtown Toronto’s Union Station.

And while still a relatively new system, it serves an estimated 11,000 riders each day – departing every 15 minutes for the 25-minute run, each direction.

UP Express began to roll on June 6, 2015, in time for the 2015 Pan American Games.

Customers gather around a table to play a game.

In honour of the #UPturns4 celebration and to express big kudos to our loyal customers, a pop-UP birthday event was held on June 6 at UP Express Union Station. Customers on the morning rush were greeted with high-energy, balloons, treats, and a game of UP-LINK-O – an UP Express version of the party-game, PLINKO, where customers had a chance to win prizes, including PRESTO fare cards.

At four years old, most children are steering tricycles, starting critical thinking and forming multiple trains of thought.

And at the same age, UP Express is mature enough to be carrying the world on its strong back. And just too active to slow down to blow out any candles.

But it’s actually customers who deserve to take a bow over the milestone.