Image is of a PRESTO card.

TTC Monthly Passes on PRESTO

Adults and seniors can now load a TTC Monthly Pass on their PRESTO card.

Nov 30, 2017

Toronto is recognizing what the rest of the GTHA (+Ottawa) has known for some time: PRESTO makes riding transit easier. As soon as PRESTO devices were available at all stations and on all streetcars/buses, there was very little need for the all-too-familiar scramble for tokens.

And things have gotten even easier for Toronto transit users. If you didn’t already know, adults and seniors can now load a TTC Monthly Pass on their PRESTO card.  This can be done online or at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations that sell PRESTO cards. It’s time to free up space in your wallet – there’s no need to carry a Metropass along with your PRESTO card anymore.

One card is all you need.

And to make things even easier, Autorenew is a new feature available to TTC monthly pass holders that …well, automatically renews your pass every month.

Autorenew will let you forget about forgetting.

Like PRESTO-using pass holders on other systems, TTC users simply set up Autorenew once – and never again having to worry about that first tap of the month. Instead of waiting in line, they can occupy themselves with those other first-of-the-month tasks – like paying rent, turning the calendar page and fretting over being one month older.

To purchase a TTC Monthly Pass, set up and manage Autorenew and to learn more about the many other benefits of PRESTO, visit