Image is of a PRESTO card.

Rollout of PRESTO fare gates continues on TTC

PRESTO is available on all streetcars, over half of buses & 42 subway stations - more to come.

Oct 24, 2016

The rollout of PRESTO devices on TTC continues…

PRESTO is available for fare payment on all streetcars, over half the buses and at 42 subway stations with more to come. As the rollout on subway stations moves forward, we’re installing accessible modern fare gates that open up with the tap of your PRESTO card. We feel compelled to whisper, “PRESTO change-o” every time we tap – is that just us?

Where you can find PRESTO fare gates right now.

Main Street, Wellesley, Bay, Sherborne, St. Clair, Lansdowne, Dupont, Dufferin, Old Mill, Royal Y...

Craig James White photo