Finch West LRT April 2023

Progress update on the Finch West LRT

Construction teams have made substantial progress on the Finch West LRT project in 2023.

Apr 17, 2023

This year alone, Metrolinx has made progress on the guideway, at the two terminus stations, and at the maintenance and storage facility.

Structural work wrapped up in late 2022 at the line’s two underground stations, Finch West and Humber College, marking the start of the interior fit-out. Inside, Finch West Station, progress has been made on tiling, HVAC installation, and drywalling.

Outside, the team is in the final stages on the portal that will guide light rail vehicles (LRVs) in and out of the station.

Finch West LRT April 2023

A look at the structure for Finch West Station, one of the terminus stations for the project. (Metrolinx photo)

Meanwhile at Humber College Station, a series of tarps have been keeping out the winter cold to allows drywalling, fireproofing, and painting to take place.

In early March, installation of 153 glass panes began that will line interior and exterior facades.

Outside of Humber College Station, foundation work has begun for a 200-metre-long covered walkway that will connect the station to Humber College.

Finch West LRT April 2023

Check out the progress at Humber College Station. (Metrolinx photo)

Maintenance and Storage Facility

Progress continues to be made on the light rail vehicle (LRV) front.

15 of 18 have now been delivered, with the final three LRVs slated for delivery mid-year.

In the MSF yard and on the test track between York Gate Boulevard and Sentinel Road, vehicle testing has been happening regularly.

A LRV is shown inside the assembly plant.

A look at one of the LRVs that recently arrived at the maintenance and storage facility. (Metrolinx photo)


The most obvious transformation for those travelling through Finch West is the progress that has been made on the 11-kilometre guideway.

As of the end of March, here are the stats:

  • Guideway base slab: 92 per cent poured
  • Guideway track slab: 74 per cent poured
  • Duct banks: 87 per cent installed
  • Overhead catenary poles: 75 per cent installed
  • Rail installation: 50 per cent installed (not including MSF)
  • Stop Canopies: 56 of 116 installed
  • Manhole refurbishment: 100 per cent complete (41 total)
Finch West LRT April 2023

Tracks and overhead wires are in place along much of the LRT route. (Metrolinx photo)

In addition, some major upgrades are coming to the Finch West community through the project’s guideway works.

With the completion of manhole refurbishment, brand new fibre-optic cabling (commonly used for internet service) was installed that can be used by utility providers along the Finch West corridor.

At Highway 400, the first new permanent traffic lights were also installed, replacing the temporary ones used during construction. This is the first of dozens of traffic light installations that are scheduled to take place over the spring and summer.

Finch West LRT April 2023

An inside look at the StormBrixx water management system. (Metrolinx photo)

Lastly, the team installed a unique water management system to help deal with surges from local waterways.

At Finch Avenue West and Tobermory Road, the team buried a StormBrixx water management system underground. This innovative system captures excess water during heavy rainfall and snowmelt and automatically releases it into the nearby culvert, helping to regulate water flow and prevent flooding nearby.

There’s always progress happening on the Finch West LRT. To stay up to date with the latest developments, follow our Twitter and Instagram pages.

by Alex Iantorno Metrolinx communications Senior Advisor