a low roof over tunneling work.

Photos that moved a major Toronto LRT project along

Let's pay tribute to some of the most engaging photos of the year for the Eglinton Crosstown.

Dec 29, 2020

Tunnels, track and testing, with some vehicles scattered in between.

2020 brought some exciting milestones along Eglinton Avenue for the 19-kilometres-long Eglinton Crosstown LRT project.

The weekly photo-features are among this site’s most viewed content. Here’s a recap of some of our top photos of the year.

We think they’re, well, rather moving.

A large drilling machine is shown.

Back in March, the last of the giant tunnel boring machines were removed at Yonge and Eglinton. (Metrolinx photo)

A worker looks up to a high wall.

Underpinning work at Cedarvale Station wrapped up earlier this year. (Metrolinx photo)

a busy street.

It’s not always construction that garners the most attention. A left turn was reinstated at Bathurst was Eglinton this year, helping ease the flow of traffic in the area. (Metrolinx photo)

The front of the station is shown, as cars go by.

Peeking up, Keelesdale Station made its way to the surface this year. (Metrolinx photo)

lots of wires over tracks.

Where once the tracks and associated wires and switches and lights were a hectic workplace of construction and crews, the elevated guideway has now become a vital test track for testing of the light rail vehicles. (Metrolinx photo)

A train moves through a tunnel.

Crews tested a light rail vehicle, traveling from the Eglinton Maintenance and Storage Facility, over Black Creek on the elevated guideway, into the tunnel, stopping just short of the Caledonia Station platform. (Metrolinx photo

a low roof over tunneling work.

Low spaces? This image from below Eglinton gives you an idea of the confines Crosstown crews contend with. (Metrolinx photo)

Image is of the inside of a large construction site.

At Laird Station, formwork secures a level of concrete as the southwest entrance inched closer to street level. (Metrolinx photo)

Escalators are shown.

As well as the escalators, the concourse and platform have started to take shape at Science Centre Station. (Metrolinx photo)

polished inside of a station.

Crews worked on the finishing touches at Mount Dennis Station, with much of the tiling work complete. (Metrolinx photo)

A shelter is shown, as cars go by.

Shelter installation started this year along Eglinton Avenue East. Construction of the surface portion of the line is expected to wrap up by the end of this year. (Metrolinx photo)

Now stay tuned for more remarkable images as we roll into 2021.

by Erika D’Urbano Communications senior advisor