Artist's rendering of a parkette with people playing in a mister during a hot summer day.

Fairbank Station progress brings fresh flair

Metrolinx News is checking in with each of the Crosstown stations to highlight progress.

Apr 15, 2019

Located at the intersection of Eglinton Avenue West and Dufferin Street, Fairbank Station is the fourth stop heading east on the Eglinton Crosstown. The station will include two entrances, on-street connections to TTC buses, retail space within the station and 30 outdoor bicycle parking spaces.

Progress is moving along at Fairbank, which is expected to reach completion in 2021. In 2018, excavation began at the southeast entrance site. The team had to replace and relocate a 103-year-old watermain in order to accommodate the future station.

construction site for the new Fairbank Station, including a new watermain pipe that is replacing ...

Last December, a two-night concrete pour took place to complete the southeast quadrant of the station’s roof. Six more of these concrete pours will take place to fully complete the station’s roof.

In February 2019, crews hit a milestone when they completed a massive concrete pour for the concourse level of the station’s main entrance, pouring over 1,250 cubic metres of concrete over 15 hours. That’s about enough concrete to fill half of an Olympic size swimming pool.

Large whole in the ground where the station will be.

Fairbank Station is being built to incorporate the existing St. Hilda’s Parkette. The new and improved parkette will include a misting water feature, similar to that of the mist garden at the Toronto Four Seasons Hotel – a great addition for cooling off on those hot summer days. The parkette will also provide a gathering area equipped with seating and trees.

Artist's rendering of a parkette with people playing in a mister during a hot summer day.

Upon completion, Fairbank Station won’t just be another TTC Station, but your go-to place to meet friends, relax, or catch up on some reading during those sunny days.

by Erika D’Urbano Communications senior advisor