Northwest Toronto festivals set for this hot weekend

Your great escapes have been close at hand.

Jul 17, 2019

Summers in Toronto are known for a few things.

Sweat making your work clothes soaked for that first meeting of the day.

An influx of tourists as they try to fit both their family members and the 553 metre tall CN Tower into their smartphone camera frame.

And festivals – great community festivals.

The weather is hot and the smell of barbeque fills every neighbourhood. The energy in the city seems to reach near magical levels, as the sun extends its bedtime so people can fill public parks until dusk.

From food trucks to farmer’s markets, summer festival season is the time when people can get out and enjoy all of the cultural diversity that Toronto has to offer.

And the Finch West community has all of that and more.

As the area prepares for the arrival of the Finch West light rail transit (LRT) project, we thought we’d give you a taste of a few of the summer festivals our Metrolinx team has taken part in along the iconic corridor (from Finch West Station to Highway 27) – as well as primer of what to attend this weekend.

A major part of this Metrolinx News space is capturing your voices and faces, as we share conversations about the upcoming LRT project. So let’s see if you can spot your neighbours – or yourself.


The public was able to ask lots of questions about the upcoming light rail transit system during the Duke Eats Festival.

After a successful inaugural year in 2018, the Duke Heights Business Improvement Area (BIA) hosted its 2nd annual Duke Eats Festival on June 29, 2019.

The event highlighted the community’s rich and thriving food sector, where local businesses had the opportunity to sell and boast mouth-watering food, promote diversity and cultural inclusion as well as showcase local music and crafts.


The team rolled out its new Alstom Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) mock-up right from the Brampton Alstom facility at the 13th annual Fusion of Taste Festival on July 7, 2019. The community had the opportunity to get up close to the LRV mock-up that represents the future of transit in the area. The festival encapsulated the multicultural elements and diversity within the community.

And get ready to grab your sunscreen and shades and join us at these upcoming festivities this Saturday – double the fun on July 20.


On July 20, the San Romanoway Revitalization Association (SRA) will host the 2nd Annual Taste & Sounds of Jane and Finch at 10 San Romanoway.

The Alstom Light Rail Vehicle mock-up will be along for that ride as well.

This is an exciting community event filled with live music and foods from all around the world! The day will feature local artists and food trucks offering dishes from Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and beyond. And, of course, the Finch West LRT Team will be there. All proceeds go to the SRA.


Join us at Black Creek Community 7th Annual Farm Festival on Saturday, July 20th, from 12 -4pm, at 4929 Jane Street.

The festival has plenty of fun activities for the whole family, including storytelling, a scavenger hunt, art and much more.

As always, fresh organic vegetables will be available for purchase.

While it’s (almost) always hot in the city during these summer months, these festivals – as well as great shops, legendary restaurants and remarkable green spaces across the Greater Golden Horseshoe – are reason to get moving before we’re all complaining about the cold white stuff again.

We’ll see you outside again this weekend.

by Tanisha Samuels Metrolinx community relations and issues specialist for the Toronto West LRT team