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New PRESTO tickets in the works for TTC customers

Metrolinx is introducing a new fare payment option specifically for TTC customers.

Nov 6, 2018

If your friend from abroad or your relatives from the countryside are visiting the city for a day or two, Metrolinx is introducing a new fare payment option that may suit their needs.

Starting today, Metrolinx is testing out limited-use PRESTO tickets on a small number of fare vending machines in TTC subway stations to bring more options to customers.

While the plastic PRESTO card is still the ultimate way to travel, PRESTO tickets will provide customers with an additional way to pay. They are disposable cards with RFID technology in them, working the same way as a PRESTO card in terms of tapping and transfers.


The TTC will soon no longer accept tokens or cash at subway stations, so these tickets will offer an alternative, making them a key part of the PRESTO rollout on the TTC.

A PRESTO card will always provide the lowest fare ($3 versus a cash fare of $3.25), balance protection, and seamless travel across the GTHA and Ottawa. The limited-use tickets will be the same price as a cash fare and will be pre-programed to offer one ride, two rides, or a day’s worth of travel on the TTC only.

Tickets bought from vending machines and Shoppers Drug Mart locations will expire 90 days after purchase, while tickets bought in bulk by social service agencies and other groups will have a one-year expiry date.

The tickets will be tested on four fare-vending machines—two at Union Station and two at St. Clair West Station—over the next few weeks. During the testing, these four machines will be unavailable for customer use, but other machines will be available.

Tickets will be available for the public to buy and use by June of next year. Metrolinx will be sure to let customers know when they can buy and use these tickets.